A Starred Review for IN A WORLD JUST RIGHT

I'm not going to lie--I'm a little emotional that my Spring 2015 titles are getting so much love from reviewers. In a starred review, VOYA gave IN A WORLD JUST RIGHT a perfect ten. The review appears in their February issue. 

"At the age of eight, Jonathan Aubrey barely survived the plane crash that took the lives of his parents, younger sister Tess, and Auntie Carrie, leaving him under the guardianship of his widowed Uncle Joey. Jonathan's physical scars may have faded over the past ten years but his desire to escape his lonely, isolated life has only increased. Looking for something better or at least different from what he already knows, Jonathan discovers he can create alternate worlds where he can be happy for a while. Now Jonathan splits time between his everyday existence and his preferred Kylie-Simms-is-my-girlfriend world, but with graduation coming, he knows things must change. Will he be ready to choose just one world?

Jonathan is the best kind of main character any story could want; he is sympathetic, flawed, and is as surprised as the reader by how events unfold. His life experiences are so unique that they should be un-relatable but Jonathan's honest, emotional responses allow for a real connection. Feelings of isolation and dreaming of a more ideal life will feel familiar to just about any reader, no matter what their background, but it is Jonathan's method of escaping his everyday struggles that teens will envy. The matter-of-fact acceptance that others worlds are possible and how one person can travel from space to space makes it easier for readers to focus on the characters, their relationships, and their difficult choices. Every piece of the puzzle that is this books slides into the exact right spot, forming a picture-perfect work of fiction."

In a World Just Right goes on sale on 28 April 2015.