My Third Book Deal

When I was a little boy, my favorite toy in the whole world was the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman doll.

The resemblance is uncanny!

The resemblance is uncanny!

Oh, how I loved her. She was beautiful and powerful and such good company. I would tragically lose her (and no, I didn't misplace her--I lost her), and to this day, I feel her absence.

The memory of her was triggered by Target's decision last year to stop labeling toys for boys or girls. I have the sense that neither my mom nor dad liked that I spent so much time with a Barbie-like doll, which added a weight to playtime. It was a crappy feeling.

A more political Knuffle Bunny for a slightly older reader, Teddy's Favorite Toy is a love letter to moms. It's also the perfect book for parents who could give two shits about giving their child "gender appropriate" toys. Teddy's Favorite Toy is my most personal story to date, though I've rewritten history to give Teddy a happier ending.

I'm thrilled that Madeline Valentine is illustrating--her work is so cool, and she's here in New York! I might get to meet her! And I've already loved working with Emma. Her notes on the manuscript gave the story more heart and pep.